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I moved to Southend in 2012. Attended Futures community college secondary school, South Essex College and then went on to get a degree in fine art with UAL, being based in Southend.  


Alongside my studies and also after my studies I have worked in the leisure industry, working in the retail team and customer services. Through my studies and career I have had some wonderful opportunities to help others, by volunteering in Southend Hospital throughout the early days of COVID 19, by donating to many different charities, by doing sponsored sleep outs and by helping the homeless community to feel some Christmas magic.  


My passion to help others in need derives from my family, there were times where we struggled, and I would never want another child, or a person of any age feel that way.  


I've decided to dive into the world of politics to make sure that everyone's voices can be heard, to make our city and the country feel like a safer place and to help the families who may be struggling to be able to relax and enjoy every day without worry.


I have also decided to do this, to help those who suffer with mental and physical health issues, who feel as though they have not received the accurate, or a high enough level of care.  


By being apart of the Confelicity party, I believe that we can help not just this city, but the whole country feel safer and more inclusive, to ensure everyone feels they are receiving the proper care for any needs, to ensure that our local areas are looked after correctly and that every voice is heard and understood.  


I have joined this party as I truly believe that we have a deep understanding in many different fields between us, that we can take that knowledge and other things we can learn from yourselves, to make everyday life the best it can be.


I can confidently say that this party wants to create true joy and happiness for all, whether it be bettering schools and education to fixing all those pot holes, and I sincerely believe we can make that happen.

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