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Join Southend Confelicity

Become a Member and make a difference for Southend

  • Membership is free 

  • Members will be able to participate and help formulate policies on all matters regarding the Party

  • You will have the power of Veto on all policies


Email: to join Southend's only local party



Seeking agreement of all members through partnership is consistent with the underlying principles of the Party, which state not to alienate, isolate and cause indignation by divided democracy.


Members are can speak freely on any issue they wish to bring to the attention of the party. All opinions will be heard, respected, and explored until a reasonable conclusion is found within all party members.  An issue will remain unresolved until all nuances have been sufficiently resolved.  In cases where resolutions are not found, a short-term strategy will be developed at which point a specified date for review will be agreed.


A policy is passed if agreement from members is unanimous, which is based on a scored voting system:


  • Each member votes on a policy out of 100.

  • Any member that votes 49 or lower automatically moves the motion for the policy to a review date not later than 6 months from the date of the vote.

  • All policies must have all members vote at least 90 or higher to pass automatically.

  • If all members average vote falls between 50 and 89, the Leader can pass the policy if they vote 90 or higher. In these cases, policies are only adopted on a probationary basis in which the policy will be subject to 6 monthly reviews until such time as all Members vote above 90.

  • If all members vote between 50 and 89, the proposed policy will be moved to review date no later than 6 months from the date of the vote.

Become a Candidate for Confelicity and become a voice for residents 

Politics shapes the world around us and if you've ever felt you could do something to help, support or change Southend for the better, then it might time to think about standing as a councillor.  


 Our candidates are just ordinary residents with a passion and willingness to help our city.

In it's simplest form, standing as a candidate is no more than putting your name on the ballot and giving residents the the chance to vote for Southend Confelicity.  It requires no time or commitment on your part.  You would just need to be prepared to become a councillor if elected, which would involve helping residents and attending the Full Council Meeting once a month voting on matters of the day.  For those wanting to campaign, we would be right behind you knocking on doors and delivering election materials. 



Become a volunteer

We have many roles from delivering leaflets to helping with our digital team. 


Every pair of hands helps a great deal and you would be very welcome were you to put yourself forward.  There would not be any commitment necessary, just do what you can when you can.

Come Volunteer With Us

Thank you! You have successfully registered your interest

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