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Southend Confelicity 
Lives, breathes and loves local

Welcome to the
Southend Confelicity Party 


We are proud to be the City of Southend-on-Sea's first ever local party.

The name 'confelicity' means joy in other people's happiness, which we felt described well what we are really trying to do. 


As a party, Confelicity stands for Local.


Being local gives you the conviction to make a difference.  It gives you the courage to question the status quo, and the insight to find answers to issues that really matter. Because a local mindset fosters an understanding of what local people want and need. 

Our manifesto explains how we aspire to help, and we welcome all-comers who wish to join our meetings to contribute further - member or not - as we value your views regardless of your standpoint.

We aim to build on this collaborative spirit, to strive for greater prosperity in our beautiful city and to grow a party as a local force - one whose sole purpose is to make a difference in Southend.

For the first time in a long time we have a party born and bred in Southend that is wholly committed towards the prosperity of our City – we are the Southend Party for Southend people.

We follow our unique 'Undivided Democratic' voting system that requires all Southend Confelicity members, who are in attendance of the meeting, to unanimously agree on the pledge for it to make the manifesto.  It is, therefore, impossible for any one member to dictate policy.  It means any member has the power to veto a policy.    

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