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Introducing James Miller BA(Hons), MBA


Leigh Issues

I love Leigh and all that it has to offer, however, there is no doubt that the balance between a thriving town and the happiness of residents has become increasingly difficult with issues such as parking and anti-social behaviour coming at the top of the list.  

It has become a victim of its own success as more and more people wish to live here.  More flats are being built without sufficient provision for parking, which is exacerbating the problem further. 


The questions I would ask are whether residents think building should be stopped? And should there be a provision to increase the number of parking spaces to 3 spaces per flat? 


Yet, even if all building stopped tomorrow the problem remains.  Resident parking may help, but may cause even more problems as drivers continue to drive around searching for that one last parking spot.  The 2 hour free parking on Leigh Broadway may need to be reviewed.  Is there even room for a multi-story or underground parking? 


No one has yet come up with the answer, but we really need to get together and work out what we want in partnership.  Then, perhaps, we can move forward with an agreement that most might like to see. 

In terms of anti-social behaviour, this really is often fuelled by alcohol.  Very few people would argue there should be a blanket ban, but perhaps the bars could reassure residents about how they manage selling alcohol to those who clearly have had enough.  This is the root of the problem and it would be much better to prevent incidents before they happen.  It is in no one's interests for fights to break out and business reputations ruined, and so that interaction between bar staff and customer is key.  It is all so easy just to keep serving when the right thing to do is get them a taxi home.  There is much that could be done in this area, and as a local businessman I would be very well placed to facilitate these kind of discussions.

However, on the occasions when situations do get out of hand then we do need to deploy police in these areas at. 


I am personally in touch with the Specials Supported Policing Coordinator from Specials Command, and I believe there is much that could be done to build up the number of Specials from Leigh itself.  Specials have the same powers as Police Constables and would be just what is required given the budgetary restrictions that we have had to come to terms with.  I am sure there will be at least ten residents that would be willing to put themselves forward to help protect residents, they just need to know about it.  I believe this would be a straightforward mission to have this communicated and one that I am willing to lead. 

About Me

I have lived and worked in Southend all my life.  My education was a difficult after attending what was then known as Thorpe Bay High, but I did eventually go to university as a mature student achieving a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). 


I have worked in my family business for almost 30 years and have learnt so much in all aspects of life.  As I have discovered, some residents are sceptical about my motivations being linked to where I work and who I work for.  To those I would say we are not our parents and we all have a boss!  I grew up on social benefits through circumstances that couldn't be helped and that has never left me, and as someone who has been lucky enough to have the chances that I did in the end, I seek to give back to our city.  

My Politics

My politics is be as successful as your drive takes you, but pay your fair share, and that fair share be spent without corruption, waste or incompetence.  What that fair share is exactly, is dependent on the needs of the time.  But lower tax generally enables a good business environment which in-turn creates the jobs and disposable income needed to pay for the excellent public services we all want.


I believe in people being free to make their own choices, but we should try to be as respectful to each other as we can. 


I am completely sold on local people making the decisions rather than instructions coming from London by people who have never been to Southend.  What could they possibly know that would trump our experience of living here? 


I believe in real democracy, which means asking people their opinions and finding the truth together.  Most people agree on most things most of the time and working together in partnership really is possible if done in the right way.


I believe in an ideal version of the future.  I want to know where we are heading, but I want to know if that place is somewhere I want to go.  For the Southend Confelicity Party, this is creating an environment where we can all fulfil our potential for the betterment of ourselves and our city.  It means working backwards from where we agree we want to be in all areas.

And finally

As your Leigh ward Councillor I will pick up the phone and listen.  I will read your emails and respond.  I will get us together and work our issues out.  As crass as it sounds, I intend to 'stop stupid' when it comes to obviously bad decisions taken by the council and bring a  fresh set of eyes and ideas that will bring civic pride back to Southend.  

I know that many residents vote to ensure the party they dislike the most do not get in.  But I can tell you that almost all the residents I have spoken to have said they are not against a local party representing them.  They have said that however they have voted in the past nothing has really changed, and so I urge you to read our manifesto and make a decision based on whether you agree with it.  Wouldn't it be nice to actually vote for a party you actually like to like!?

Thank you for taking an interest and I sincerely hope you can find faith in me at the next elections.

Kind regards

James Miller

Southend Confelicity Party Leader

Leigh Ward Candidate

Parliamentary Candidate for Southend West

Mob: 07896219268


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