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Blue Water


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We recognise the individual’s right to be oneself, however, we do also seek to create a recognisable and distinct shared way of thinking that might form the foundation of local citizens. 


We will promote shared attitudes through our schools and other institutions such as: freedom and civil liberties, civic duty and pride, a sense of unity, togetherness and support; local patriotism; doing things for ourselves, making things happen and being responsible for our own destiny; being ambitious for the City and being ambitious for what we as individuals can do for the City; understanding, empathy, kindness and humility. 


We would look to build civic pride by telling our own history and promote the great stories of Southend people that could be told to inspire the next generation.  Our history should be displayed across the town in celebration of all our greatest people through art, architecture, monuments, literature, talked about regularly in our schools and community groups, with a world class festival featuring everything that is special about us. 


We would bring to the fore aspirational figures such as our outstanding nurses, doctors, teachers, police officers, musicians, sport people, builders, entrepreneurs, volunteers, architects and perhaps even politicians across the City for our young people to be inspired by. 


Our history should be embedded from a young age so we have an aspirational set of expectations for ourselves and our community.  And through our illustrious history should emanate a strong sense of ideals that provide us with a deep sense of shared identity and purpose that is ultimately in place to achieve a state of mind that is happy, healthy, fulfilled and safe. 

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