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We fully encourage people to become as wealthy as their business or job enables them to be, however, we recognise that the resources used to generate their income would, in many cases, deprive other citizens of their use i.e. land, materials, people, etc.  Therefore, it is expected that local citizens will be recompensed accordingly through the local tax system to a level that both continues to encourage re-investment of the business, as well as supplying the necessary investment into public services.  It is also expected that businesses distribute the rewards of success to their team in a way that recognises that all members of an organisation’s contribution to that success.

We recognise that tax payer’s money is just that; it does not belong to a political party or a politician.  Our money belongs to each person that has contributed into paying into the collective pot, and should be respected as such.  We recognise that public waste is deeply off-putting for people to want to pay more tax, and so we would look to make taxation transparent for the public in a format that is easily accessible, understandable and where justification for expenditure can be made.  We believe the tax system should incentivise Councils to grow business and therefore should be rewarded for facilitating a thriving economy and grow alongside the business success they help create instead of relying on counter-productive tax policies. 

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