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We will seek to create a true connection between education and careers, and ultimately create work opportunities where people can make a living doing what they love.  In order to create a job environment where this is achievable we believe that Southend City needs to embark on a journey of planting seeds of industry and enterprise, where in years to come we can start to see quality career opportunities that connect to our current education system.  Everything has a start, and with a thriving SME community comes a thriving jobs market in which people in our City can actually make a living doing what they love, instead of facing an unfulfilling career that can contribute to mental health issues. 


Job creation is central to the Southend economy.  Clearly, the more jobs created, the more money people have to spend in the town, creating more jobs.  And so our intention is to create full employment by creating the most fertile SME business environment possible for entrepreneurship to flourish.  This includes lowering the risk of business failure by helping to reduce costs, and creating a business infrastructure and entrepreneurial culture that would encourage as many people in Southend to use their talent and start their own business.  Eventually, we wish for Southend to become the entrepreneurial leader of the UK.  This would apply to all of our High Streets for which we would like to see full of unique products and services.  There are so many talented people in Southend that could create booming industries and the Southend Party have the political ambition to bring it together. 

We recognise that not everyone wants to start their own businesses and would prefer to be employed.  As such, we believe that workers should be treated in a culture of compassion, empathy, kindness, support and dignity, and paid to a level where they can enjoy their lives.  In view of this, we believe the cost of living is a fundamental barrier to the prospects of individual wealth and prosperity, and we would seek to redress the balance by supporting those industries that are fundamental to national infrastructure back into public hands; and address mortgage lending in the banking industry that is at the root of exorbitant house prices.

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