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We believe in democracy that recognises differences, but does not divide.  This means if only one member does not vote on a policy, the Party are instructed to deconstruct the individual’s reasoning to a point where agreement can be found. 


If agreement cannot be found, the policy will never pass under the Confelicity Party (see below). 


Too many times division is caused by polarised arguments that democracy itself contributes to, causing alienation, isolation and indignation for those individuals that are on the wrong side of the vote. 


Only by working together in partnership can the crux of the difference be found as opposed to the sharp edge of the democratic vote. We therefore believe in freedom of speech, debate and discussion in order to reach a conclusion that has been made in partnership.


We believe a collaborative approach where conflicting parties can either find common ground together, or in cases where this has not been achieved, the subject is put to one side whilst further research can be carried out. 


This collaborative approach relies on each subject matter being explored, interrogated and scrutinised with rigour and a level of critique that should include information on funding, agendas and affiliations. 

Unanimous Voting System

A policy is passed if agreement from members is unanimous, which is based on a scored voting system: 

- Each member votes on a policy out of 100.

- Any member that votes 49 or lower automatically moves the motion for the policy to a review date not later than 6 months from the date of the vote.

- All policies must have all members vote at least 90 or higher to pass automatically.

- If all members average vote falls between 50 and 89, the Leader can pass the policy if they vote 90 or higher.  In these cases, policies are only adopted on a probationary basis in which the policy will be subject to 6 monthly reviews until such time as all Members vote above 90. 

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