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We are standing candidates in all 17 wards across Southend, who include teachers, carers, fundraisers, entrepreneurs, builders, actors, chefs, managers and artists.   

Elections are currently held every year with the next one due to take place on May 2nd, 2024.  Each ward elects 3 Councillors and one of those from each ward will be up for election after serving 4 years.  

A party is required to win 26 seats to hold a majority, but a minority administration can be formed, which is the case currently with the Conservatives serving with 22 Councillors.  Previously, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Independent Group formed a coalition for 4 years.  Winning seats is therefore not just about the individual wards, it is about holding power. 


We feel it is time for Southend people, who do not have to answer to parties run from London and who probably have never been to our city, to take the lead.  Our biggest barrier will be the notion of residents voting against the party they do not wish to govern, and therefore even if we were popular, we would not receive their vote.

But, as a fledgling party every vote counts.  

Our first election saw us win 779 votes and our second, 1159.  Although it is exciting to build something from scratch we must increase our momentum.  So, if you believe in local people running Southend, we would urge you to get behind us and support your Southend Confelicity ward candidate.  


If you wish to get involved in campaigning, whether that be delivering leaflets or standing as a candidate, do get in touch by emailing: or ring 07896219268.


In the meantime, we hope you can take some time to read about our candidates, who are all dedicated to the prosperity of Southend and ready to serve. 

"Successful small business is the key to creating jobs and raising living standards in Southend.  I am looking to share my business experience and give back to the city that made me" 


"My major passion is the environment.  I back the local campaign to address sewage overflows into our seas, and seek policies that will ensure our air is kept clean" 

"My life is devoted to charity fundraising, which I am beyond proud to say has now surpassed £300,000! I love to help people and having grown up in the Kursaal Estate, I will be there for residents as and when they need" 


Jane Wilkes
Candidate for West Leigh Ward


"I have spent almost a decade in education and am looking to champion policies that will best enable Southend children to flourish and fulfil their potential" 

Jolene Hills
Candidate for St Luke's Ward

"I devote my time to my children and running my businesses.  Not easy to balance, but I seem to find the energy!  I absolutely love Southend and as someone new to politics, I only want us to be the best city we can be." 


Roma Patel
Candidate for Chalkwell Ward


"I love Southend and have so many hopes for what the city could become.  I know the perception of politics is bad, so I feel inspired to change that!" 

Melissa Aylott
Candidate for Thorpe Ward

"Nothing is too much trouble for me and residents of Thorpe will find I will go above and beyond for them.  However small the issue I will be ready to give my time to help where I can." 


"I am a local entrepreneur in the hospitality industry in Southend and believe in a local party run by Southend residents.  I am in full agreement with our manifesto!  And I believe we need to call out the politicians where needed." 


"I work in the care industry and would like to work on ways we can improve the mental and physical well-being of Southend." 

" I am first and foremost a community leader and I would be looking to build on the community spirit that already exists in Southend." 


"I have found finding housing in Southend very difficult.  I will be looking to see how we can make it easier and fairer for young people in the city to be able to move out of the family home and become independent." 


"Southend High Street is my biggest issue.  Somehow, the costs of doing business need to be brought under control where local people have a chance to do succeed." 


"If we all had just a little bit more civic pride I think we could accomplish miracles!  Giving our time to each other and bringing us closer as a community is what I am looking to do."   

Noah Hughes
Candidate for Westborough Ward


"I would look forward to trying to bring more young people into politics.  There is a big interest here, they just need a platform where their voices actually count as votes in a party.  That's what Confelicity brings." 

"I am a family man and I want to see my city able to give my children lives they will love.  What's most important to me is they are safe and I look to exploring policies that will utilise the community policing schemes more".

Dean & Sim.jpg

Rob Cammidge

Candidate for West Shoebury


" I am looking for common sense to return to politics.  The obvious decisions are not being taken, such as the over-development of expensive housing in Southend versus the need for affordable housing." 

Luis Lancos

Candidate for Blenheim

"Entrepreneurship is the key to unlocking most of the problems concerning the financial struggles of the council.  There is no reason Southend cannot build on what it already has and attract investment whilst utilising the brainpower of the city" 

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