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From a young age, I’ve always had a passion for cooking and working in kitchens, so it’s no surprise my first job at just 14 years old was washing pans and helping with desserts in Thorny bay caravan park café. 


Starting out at a young age and working my way up the ranks in the kitchen to Executive chef after 20 years working in some of the finest restaurants in London and around Essex, definitely installed a strong work ethic and helped me develop the skills needed to run busy and successful restaurants.

Communication, teamwork, patience, being just a few skills I’ve carried through to everyday life .
Once I became a dad my outlook on life changed and spending more time with family became a priority in my life.  So, after 20 years working in kitchens, I took the leap and joined with two good friends to open a local
bar and restaurant in Southend and Caddies Crazy golf bar was born.
This was a wonderful adventure, and I soon realised the challenges that local independent businesses face on a day-to-day basis.


I was always quite surprised that local councils could do so much
more to support local young entrepreneurs to build business.  Working daily in Southend, I witnessed first-hand the decline of our high Street with rising numbers in rough sleepers, drug users and bored teenagers.


Sadly it was becoming an area I wasn’t happy taking my family to, so after four years I moved away from Caddies to join one of the oldest brewers in the country, Shepherd Neame.  As a Mentor chef, working with the development team, I develop concept menus to be used across a range of restaurants within the company and working with new chefs to train to the company’s high standards.

I then recently joined the team at The Bellhouse pub in Eastwood as Head Chef, working closely with them to bring the Bellhouse back to a vibrant community pub.

I know Eastwood really well and the people here and would be so proud to be their voice.

Why did I joined the Confelicity party?

Because I truly feel the political system is failing everywhere.

For too long we have accepted what we are told by our local councils and parliament to be true, when in our hearts we know that the scandals, tax evasions and general law braking we see in the media every day is the real politics.

So now is the time for change and I believe Confelicty are the party to bring that change.

Built with a group of individuals who actually care about the little things and big, that affect the everyday lives of the residents of southend,
and want to make it a city to be proud off for many generations to come.

Together, we can be the voice for all .

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