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Citizens of Prittlewell,


As an educator, nurturing the potential of our youth is my core passion. Beyond the classroom, I sought to extend my impact and discovered Confelicity – a group that aligns with my values of action and accountability.


The essence of Confelicity lies in being doers who lead by example, a commitment that resonated with me. What captivated me most was their unwavering dedication to our local community.


At Confelicity, every voice is heard and valued in our discussions. I cherish the equal standing we all have in decision-making – a harmonious chaos that drives effective outcomes.


Representing Prittlewell would be an honour. This ward, home to Southend Hospital, and the birthplace of Southend on Sea itself deserves the best representation.


Stepping into politics as a newcomer, I bring fresh perspectives and an unwavering loyalty to Southend's betterment. My family is my cornerstone, and I aspire to provide them and all residents with opportunities for fulfilment and happiness.


The future of Southend demands innovative ideas and swift action. I am committed to representing your voices, advocating for progress, and contributing to a thriving community.


I live with my wife and three children and they mean the world to me.  All I want is for them to have all the opportunities to live a fulfilling life, so they can to be happy - and that is what I wish for every resident in Southend.

Simon Jones

Prittlewell Confelicity


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