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Why Confelicity? Deputy Leader and Victoria Candidate, Jon Humphrys explains all

One of the questions I have often been asked when talking to the Citizens of Southend is ‘Why Confelicity?’ Why be part of founding a new party when there are so many to choose from – surely an existing party must be a good fit – at least a close enough fit to at least go with. To answer this there are four key themes which lead to the founding of Confelicity, its development from (as all true political movements) a table in the corner of the pub to a party which contests every ward at the local elections and with its sights set on much more. These four themes are:

  • - Joy in the happiness of others

  • - Localism

  • - Respect and compassion

  • - Big Ideas

Joy in the happiness of others

The meaning of the word Confelicity is ‘taking joy in the happiness of others’ and this is at the heart of everything we do. Encouraging independent businesses into Southend is important, but only because the entrepreneurs involved having the opportunity to share their talents and the availability of unique local goods and services will be of benefit to the Citizens of Southend and the surrounding area. Crucially, this ethos is not simply ‘this is nice to have’ but is a pragmatic and utilitarian directive to ensure that every action of the party increases the happiness of the citizens of Southend. For me, taking ‘Increasing the Joy of Southend Citizens’ as a motto for the party and for myself personally is a major part of my motivation for co-founding Confelicity.


To ensure the increased joy of the citizens of Southend requires that our local politics is local. One of my personal motivations in being a part of Confelicity is that we are not beholden to any oversight from a national party – we are free to work for the interests of the citizens of Southend. The city will work best when it speaks with its own voice, rather than with a voice which must pay lip-service to national parties. One of the sad things is that many of the people I have come in to contact with in local politics are decent people who care about Southend but can only be hamstrung by having to keep an eye on policy from national parties. Confelicity is not associated with any national party and is free to focus on the city of Southend – this freedom to focus on the needs of those I might one day represent is a second pillar in my involvement with Confelicity.

Resect, Robustness & Compassion

Confelicity believes in Free Speech. Confelicity equally believes that that free speech bust be exercised in a way which is respectful and compassionate. In recent years the tone of discussion of topics related to politics has lacked these fundamental elements, which makes it very difficult for opposing sides to reach any common ground. To make meaningful progress on any issue both sides must try to understand where the other is coming from – and most crucially that a differing view does not make the other an evil person. Confelicity is committed to raising level of discussion around local issues, first and foremost by setting the example that it is possible to robustly challenge ideas, policies and mistakes without descending into unpleasant toxicity.  

Big Ideas

There is something inspiring about a new party – the big discussions about big ideas lie in the future. Thanks to Confelicity’s approach of undivided democracy no member will ever be compelled to support policies with which they disagree – and one of the benefits of this is that we can consider and deconstruct all issues from the ground up – with no preconceived ideas of what the ‘correct ideas’ should be. Being able to play a key role in formulating key policy in this way is another reason being a part of the founding of Confelicity was so important. To give a flavour of the scope of our willingness to explore new ideas, we have yet to discuss – or form any policy on:

  • - The future of money (not just cash, but currency as a concept)

  • - The continuance of Nations & States

  • - The Monarchy of the United Kingdom (or not…)

Every member of the party has signed up to exploring these and other concepts and to the fact that no matter how universally something is accepted, it is not Confelicity Policy until all members have agreed. This gives us a unique opportunity explore fundamental questions, without having to consider pre-conceived ideas.

I hope this gives some insight into why it was right to play a part in founding Confelicity rather than campaign for an existing party. I am sure that there are many views on this – which I look forward to exploring in a way which, like Confelicity is robust whilst remaining compassionate and respectful.

Jonathan Humphrys

Deputy Leader

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