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Simon Jones, standing in Prittlewell for Southend Confelicity, writes an impassioned letter to the ward residents

I'm Simon Jones, and I'm reaching out to ask for your support in the upcoming Southend city council elections.

Born and bred in Westcliff, I fondly recall endless days spent on the beach and in Chalkwell Park. These formative experiences, alongside cherished memories of Southend's vibrant events like the carnival and airshow, have shaped my identity and instilled in me an unwavering optimism for our city's potential.

It pains me to hear disparaging remarks about our beloved Southend. I am committed to unlocking the full potential of Southend, which I see as a sleeping giant waiting to awaken. Beyond its picturesque seafront and parks, our city boasts invaluable resources such as its airport, rail links, university, and thriving businesses. I envision Southend not just as a city by name, but by nature – a vibrant hub of innovation and opportunity.

In the council, I will advocate for strategic developments that harness our city's strengths and attract investment. Basic municipal tasks like road repairs and waste management are essential and can be achieved with improved accountability and robust management of competent council officers. However, true progress lies in visionary leadership and proactive development. I am determined to spearhead initiatives like the Southend Innovation Hub to foster growth in emerging sectors like aerospace and create job opportunities for our residents.

I am a teacher at a local secondary school and have the joy of being called Dad by three vibrant souls. As a father and educator, I understand the importance of nurturing our youth and supporting young families. Investing in family support centres and community infrastructure such as libraries and youth centres is crucial for providing the next generation with the tools and support, they need to thrive.

Protecting our environment is non-negotiable. Our seafront is not just a scenic backdrop but a vital ecosystem that must be safeguarded. As a supporter of Southend Against Sewage I pledge to vehemently oppose any efforts to pollute our waters and will advocate for stringent environmental policies to preserve our natural heritage for future generations. In short;No effluent in our waters.

As we journey through life, we carry with us the hope that our sacrifices will pave the way for the happiness of future generations. We yearn for our wisdom to be heeded, our mistakes to serve as lessons, and our triumphs to serve as blueprints for progress. Simultaneously, we hold a humble desire not to burden our loved ones, even as we lean on their enduring love and support.

Recognising the inevitability of challenges that come with aging, it becomes imperative that our communities establish robust support systems. Services tailored to the unique needs of the elderly, such as dementia navigators, are invaluable pillars of care. In a society where collective strength is measured by our capacity to uplift one another, I will persist in advocating for the reinforcement of these essential support structures.

I firmly believe that local councils should prioritise local issues above all else. There often exists a conflict between the agendas of national political parties and the specific needs of our communities, which is why I wholeheartedly support independent candidates. So why stand with Confelicity?Because together we are stronger. Joining Confelicity has provided me with a supportive network and has helped temper my views.

Our regular meetings serve as invaluable forums for open discussion, where diverse perspectives are welcomed, even if they oppose my own. Engaging in these discussions has deepened my understanding of local issues and has led to shifts in my viewpoints on certain matters. Through two years of campaigning, I've observed that national parties are often focused solely on winning, whereas my goal is not just victory, but growth and development. I aim to become better informed and better equipped to represent you, my friends,and neighbours, with integrity and diligence.

As we approach the upcoming elections on May 2nd, I humbly ask for your support and your vote. I pledge to listen attentively to your concerns and to be a tireless advocate for your needs. Together, let us seize the opportunity to transform Southend into a beacon of opportunity and inclusivity for all.

Even if you choose not to support my candidacy, I urge you to exercise your right to vote—your voice matters, and your participation is vital in shaping the future of our city. Thank you for considering me as your representative, and may we collectively strive towards a brighter, more prosperous Southend.

Kind Regards,

Simon Jones

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