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£185,000 for the new Chief Executive of Southend

I think the letters on Friday summed up everything that is wrong with Southend City Council. After 14 years as a Councillor, I was exasperated with what I experienced.

We (the residents) do not need to pay £185,000 (plus around 30% pension contribution) a year for a Chief Executive, who will come to Southend and have no idea how Southend ticks.

It has happened in the past, several times, resulting in a degradation of the Town / City. There are good Officers on the Council who could easily adapt to the role, saving a considerable sum. There are many Officers who should not be in position.

The letters and reports in the Echo demonstrate what an awful Council we have and the quality of Local Councillors is poor but considering only 25% of the residents bother to vote or understand what voting produces is understandable.

Mark Flewitt was an excellent Councillor, driven out by Wokeism and dirty Labour Party tricks, as I was. Cllr.

Ron Woodley, so frustrated with the Coalition, he had to quit but is still campaigning over local issues.

Marion Pearce a resident has to battle to save Nazareth House, another heritage building of our City which will be demolished as was the glorious Southend College in London Road.

St. Erkenwalds Church in Southchurch Avenue and numerous other classic architectural building across Southend, at the whim of a Council that did nor care.

Cllr. Martin Terry, who since achieving his longed for Cabinet position, has reneged on everything he proposed to do. There are so many more examples, so I will end with the comment - "Wake up residents, you are not being served well or efficiently and you need new representation!"

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