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We believe that our lived experiences in Southend provide ample evidence as to the low-value that has been placed on us as individuals by national political leaders, and that unless there is the willingness and drive to change this from our local politicians, we will continue to endure an environment that strongly suggests people are no more than a burden, or at best an economic opportunity.  

Decisions are not taken with Southend people in mind, and as a result we have seen: the potential transfer of our stroke unit to Basildon and overwhelmed health service; plans drawn up to build on green-belt land by Bournes Green; the demolition of Thorpe Bay High School and overflowing class sizes; our crumbling High Street and lack of job opportunities; neglect to the general environment such as inferior replacement of cracked pavements and potholes, and increasing crime across the City. 


The national parties, represented locally, have their hands-tied in terms of the changes that can be made.  With the Independent Councillors in a coalition with national parties, there is no longer a voice that truly represents Southend. 

Thus, Confelicity is for local people.  It will act independently of all national parties and will be free to advance cities and towns without the restrictions of national party politics and the personal ambitions of party politicians who appear to be rewarded for loyalty rather than capability.

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