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I am married and have two beautiful children.


I have been a GP for many years and have first-hand experience of what’s great and what needs improving in this part of the NHS.


I realise it has been hard over the last three years due to the pandemic, and we are all still recovering in our different areas to catch-up.  I am as determined as ever to play my role in what has been an incredibly traumatic time for many people.


I do get enormous satisfaction from helping people and my first step into politics is built from this foundation.

I have not always lived in Southend, but I love it.  I just know it could be so much more.  Living by the sea is a privilege and we need to make more of it.  We need to address the sewage situation and also reopen the Southend Marine Activity Centre for the children to enjoy.

I am shocked the council intend to charge for parking in Chalkwell park as that is the one place families can go and enjoy at no cost.  I will be fighting against this. 


I am strong-willed, but fair.  I will always hear you out and put my all into being the best councillor I can be.


As we know, Chalkwell is a lovely place and I feel confident I can represent you on the council voicing your concerns and suggestions in order to make it even better.   


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