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I am a qualified nutritionist and run my own clinic with a special focus on helping people with food allergies. I've always been fascinated by the power of nutrition to improve people's health and well-being and inspired me to pursue a career in this field.

After gaining experience working in healthcare settings, I decided to start my own company called BellyGoodness with my daughter, Fran. Our aim is to provide delicious and healthy meal options for people with food allergies, and we've been able to make a real difference in the lives of many people who were struggling to find suitable food options.

But my passion for helping people extends beyond my work. I am also a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, and I believe in the importance of caring for our families and our communities. I'm committed to guiding my grandchildren and teaching them about healthy living and sustainability, and I'm actively involved in a range of community initiatives in Southend.

In particular, I've taken a serious interest in politics and have been working hard to help the residents of Southend and St Laurence ward. I believe that it's important to be an active participant in the decisions that affect our community, and I'm committed to making sure that the voices of ordinary people are heard and represented.

St Laurence is quite sparsely populated compared to other wards, however, residents are right underneath the planes that fly from Southend Airport.  Of course, there are many that would say they should not have moved there in the first place, but that is not the approach I will be taking.  I will listen to residents and put them first when it comes to discussions about any expansion.  There is no doubt that jobs would be created and let's not forget that having an airport on Southend's doorstep is quite an advantage for residents.  But simply overlooking people who live there is not right.  When things change right outside our own doors, how would we feel?   

My love for Southend is deep and genuine, and I'm proud to be a part of this vibrant and diverse community. I believe that we have the potential to create positive change and leave a better world for future generations, and I'm committed to doing everything I can to make that happen.

I will make myself available to you, as a St Laurence and Southend resident, as and when you need me.

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