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I live in the Southchurch ward, living at the top of Southchurch Boulevard at the Old Walnut, where I live with my wife and children.

I have been running the pub for many years now and have come to know most of the people who live around here.  I am also a skilled 3D modeller and make all kinds of sci-fi/comic-con related material.

As a veteran of the management game I have come to learn how to manage people to bring out the best in them.  Honesty is the most important quality, as I find people see through anything else.  I am respectful though, as people need to retain their dignity as well as build their self-esteem.

I deal with people from all backgrounds and over the years have come to be a person people feel comfortable talking to.  I only want the best for them and I would be excited about extending my reach to the residents of Southchurch and Southend.

I am frustrated about Southend High Street, as we all are.  It should be the red carpet to Southend, but instead it is an embarrassment.  Running as business, as I do, gives me the practical experience to understand the kind of things that need to happen to bring it back to what it was.  For me it needs owner/operators who are passionate about the businesses.  It is not too late, but it is getting close in my opinion.  

People can be quite negative about Southend at times, but really I am very positive about it.  I want to work together with whoever wants to make the city better, regardless of the party, because I know we can be even better.  

I am so passionate about Southend and really cannot wait to get involved more.  Confelicity has given me that chance to do this, and particularly as it is only a local party, I know that everything we do is based around Southend and the residents.  Local really is priority.

The other thing I have found with politics is that I really don't know where any of the parties are taking us.  With Confelicity I have bought into the idea of starting at the best possible outcome and working backwards from there, whilst understanding that there are such things as money that will slow things down!  When I read the ambitions of the party I could see clearly where it wanted to take us: great public services paid for by a thriving local economy.   

I want my children to have all the opportunities in the world to be happy and fulfil their potential.  I am worried that this may not happen in this city given the educational choices that are available currently.  I hear such bad things about Southchurch High for example, and was appalled to  hear that the school had been demolished.  Conversely, it's neighbour, Southend High for Girls, is a shining light for Southend.  It should be the case that all schools succeed, and I hope I will be able to contribute to making this happen. 

Southchurch ward is a really interesting mix of shops, schools, affluence and struggles. 


It also has the brilliant Project Southchurch community group that is leading the way in bringing people together.  I love what they are doing and would readily work with them on their ambitious plans for events, security and small business.

I have nine months to get round Southchurch and introduce myself.  I look forward to meeting you and doing the best I can in whatever way you need.

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