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Pragmatic Idealism

We believe in Pragmatic Idealism, which specifies the ambition of the vision and whether it is possible.  In other words, it is visualising the best possible future, then working out the most realistic path in getting there.  


We believe in a leadership philosophy that acts as a partner, facilitator, collaborator, rather than as a manipulator.  People need to be behind what we are doing otherwise progress can be difficult. 

We believe that any rule or law that is agreed by CONFELICITY must be followed by the Leader and all Party members. 


We intend to set the leadership standard as high as possible and reject hypocrisy.


We find any kind of government corruption abhorrent and will enact a zero tolerance on any behaviours that do not coincide with these standards in or outside the party. 


We believe that power needs a system of checking, challenging, scrutiny, rigour and total transparency and should be diluted as much as possible to fend against those that do misuse their power – ergo empowerment of local government. 


We would enforce a strict policy of second jobs that conflict with the work of the Party.  We will never accept donations with an expectation from lobbyists, but will instead listen to all stakeholders.  

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