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Prospective Parliamentary CANDIDATES


We are standing candidates two prospective parliamentary candidates for the two seats in Southend. 

We feel it is time for Southend people, who do not have to answer to parties run from London and who probably have never been to our city, to take the lead.  Our biggest barrier will be the notion of residents voting against the party they do not wish to govern, and therefore even if we were popular, we would not receive their vote.

But, as a fledgling party every vote counts.  

Our first local election saw us win 779 votes and our second, 1159.  At the most recent local elections we increased our vote to 1307.  Although it is exciting to build something from scratch we must increase our momentum.  The General Election will be a great opportunity to spread our local message, and if you believe in local people running Southend, we would urge you to get behind us and support your Southend Confelicity parliamentary candidate.  


If you wish to get involved in campaigning, whether that be delivering leaflets or standing as a candidate, do get in touch by emailing: or ring 07896219268.


In the meantime, we hope you can take some time to read about our candidates, who are all dedicated to the prosperity of Southend and ready to serve. 

"Successful small business is the key to creating jobs and raising living standards in Southend.  I am looking to share my business experience and give back to the city that made me" 


Lee Clark
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Southend East and Rochford
Candidate for Kursaal Ward

"My life is devoted to charity fundraising, which I am beyond proud to say has now surpassed £300,000! I love to help people and having grown up in the Kursaal Estate, I will be there for residents as and when they need" 

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