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I love my job as a teacher, where I get to combine my love for music with hopefully inspiring the next generation of potential musical prodigies.

I am also currently studying for my Masters, but don’t worry, I still have time to serve residents - the Netflix will just have to take a back seat!

Previous to that, I have worked as an HR Manage, juggling a lot of different, including recruitment, staff events, an in-house leadership course, performance management and much more! I worked with thousands of young people and I know the kind of opportunities they need to be able to extend their skills from their education and make a living doing what they love.


Unfortunately, Southend presently does not provide the basic infrastructure for people to do this, and they either have to leave to find work in London competing against the world, or they simply stay in Southend and settle for jobs that they may not have aspired to be in.


Confelicity wants to make this one of its long-term goals, as it means to connect education, quality careers and entrepreneurship.  A start would be re-opening outside and indoor markets!


One of the other reasons to get involved in politics was the corruption we all hear about, and I want to change this.  I never wanted to go into politics because I had a very low opinion of the whole thing.  However, Confelicity is something completely different.  It is not a political party in any traditional sense.  The power is with the people as all members have equal power, and more than anything else, we are all just residents of Southend who want to make the place better.

I didn't want to be negative, but I think on this aspect I think we are all just tired of it and we are desperately in need of a fresh approach.

To Westborough residents, please know that I would be here for you to help and support you where you need.

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