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I have lived in Southend for as long as I can remember and a have an extensive knowledge of its history.  While there has been progress in some areas, there are others that we have gone backwards on and it needn't have been so.


I also have extensive knowledge of Southend's political history having previously sat on the council as an independent for 9 years, where I saw first-hand the kind of improvements that need to be made for the city to flourish.   

I am a fierce advocate of local people overseeing how our city is run versus having representatives of the national parties who as we all know are victims of their party's national ideologies.

There are many decisions that have been taken by the council over the years that really needed far more scrutiny and interrogation before certain policies were agreed.  The issue is that all the main parties are forced to vote a certain way otherwise they risk losing their position as that party's representative.  


Confelicity, though a party still, force no such 'discipline'.  How it works is that each policy is voted on, and if only one member does not agree then that policy is moved to the next meeting where more information can be gathered.  


It means I will never have to be forced to say something I do not agree with.  Furthermore, all members of Confelicity can speak freely until such time that the party has come to unanimous agreement.

Southend is at a cross-roads.  As a new city we have already attracted the country's attention and we have seen a few green shoots of hope with a Wagamama's and Taco Bell taking the plunge and joining Southend High Street.  

But we really do need more dynamic leadership to take us forward with people that are solely geared towards making Southend a better city to live and work in.

I live in St Luke's Ward and am very familiar with the issues here.  To the residents of St Luke's I will give all my time and energy into the issues and ideas you may have, and look to resolve each one as best I can.  What you will get with me is the honesty to tell you what the situation is and what I would be able to do about it.

I am direct and outspoken, but in these times of political corruption I do believe that is exactly what we need!  


I am enormously excited to be the St Luke's Confelicity candidate and look forward to meeting residents throughout the year in my journey to returning to be a Councillor at the next local elections.

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