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A Southend party born to serve Southend people will become the biggest in the city - join us

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

There is no one else - just you, and we have to do it ourselves.

Have you ever wondered why Southend high street is in the state it is in?

Why there are plans to build on greenbelt land by Bournes Green?

Why a perfectly decent school building, such as Thorpe Bay/Futures/Southchurch High, gets the green light for demolition?

Why Seaway car park is sold for £1 and that a further £10m of tax payer money has been earmarked for it?

Why school class sizes are over 30?

Why queues of ambulances consistently wait outside our hospital with patients waiting for a bed?

Why it’s so difficult to get a doctors appointment?

Why our pavements have been ripped up in a never-ending cycle in the name of who knows?

Why our roads are full of potholes?

Why we don’t have many jobs available in the city?

Why our sea is legally allowed to be filled with sewage?

Why our parking charges are so off-putting to want to visit anywhere?

Why we may have to consider fortnightly bin collections?

Why anti-social behaviour and drug dealing is rife?

Why homelessness is so prominent?

Why funding in Southend has been slashed over the last 10 years?

Why a £575m Queensway project can be continued with a brand new company within less than a 5-minute cabinet meeting?

Why the Kursaal, Marine Plaza and the Southend United development are in such disarray?

National Parties, Represented Locally

It is because the people who have the power to make decisions about our city do not live in our city.

Power has been sucked into the Westminster vortex, where we are at the mercy of the bureaucrats who have no skin in the game for Southend.

Everyone has their paymaster with whom to report to and politics is no different. The zero debate that occurred throughout the lockdowns provides ample evidence as to the power structure of our country and city. National parties said close the seafront, local parties said let's send emails to the world proclaiming not to visit.

While national parties hold local seats, Southend may never fix all those things that we experience in our lives every day.

It is true that we could have a set of Southend born and breds that are totally incompetent, and so this is not to say that local people running things would necessarily be the remedy, but at least we would know they were the problem and by voting them out so goes the problem with them.

In principle, however, it is perfectly reasonable to believe that people who report to Southend people, rather than people hidden deep in the secret black hole of an ancient political party, would more likely make decisions that would make our lives better.

Any you could be one of those people.

Step forward if you want more for Southend

If Southend is in your blood and you’ve always dreamed of making it better; if you are frustrated and disappointed in what you see in front of you after experiencing first-hand the facilities and system in place that is failing you; and if you know you would do it differently, then I would encourage you to come forward.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to but feel you don’t have the time; or that you don’t feel you have the ability or expertise; that you have been waiting for the right time to get involved; that there was no party that you’d wish to be involved with; and that you don’t know how to get involved.

All fine reasons, but I would urge you to come forward.

Time is not a factor. You can do as much or as little as you are able to do. No one will judge you, but you may be able to make that one contribution that could change the game.

You don’t need ability or expertise to experience the incompetence or corruption of others. Your stories are enough. Your pain, frustration and injustice are enough.

And so, if you have but one thing to say then the time is always now!


Southend Confelicity do not hold any ideological positions, as we are simply a local party made up of local people that want to fix things in the city. Whether you are left, right or don't believe in any of that, it doesn’t matter. All opinions are welcome in the pursuit of our singular goal in improving the environment we live in.

Because there is no one else.

For anyone waiting for someone to heal the problems, there is no one and there will never be.

It is you.

It is the person who works next to you. It is your neighbour, the person who served you at the check-out, who’s teaching your child, fixing your car, laying the bricks, caring for parents, and so on.

We have to do it ourselves.

But we are not Vigilantes!

Unless there is someone who wishes to start an army, politics is the mechanism in which change occurs.

To many, politics is boring, confusing or infuriating, but that is normally because we associate it with Westminster. But politics is about how warm your home is, how much money you have in your pocket, what job you have, what opportunities there are for your child, and how much is in your pension fund.

You know politics as well as any other person by simply being alive!


Our membership is free. You only need to agree to the goal of fixing Southend in an ethical environment. You'd either turn up to meetings to voice your concerns or email them over. As a member you get to vote on all the issues that are raised, and you have the power to veto any policy due to our undivided voting system.

After that then there is idea of you standing as a candidate to become a councillor to represent the ward in which you live in. If elected you would vote on various issues regarding Southend, and you would not have to adhere to the will of Southend Confelicity if the members couldn’t agree.

This is not party first, like how the other parties tend to operate. Confelicity is second, third and fourth to Southend itself, the residents, and the issues that need to be solved.

We are not politicians. We say what we feel in an atmosphere of respectful freedom of speech.

And so what an opportunity this is. For the first time we have a local independent party willing to put themselves forward, while reaching out for you to put yourselves forward with us. Of course you do not have to become a member to carry your voice, it just gives you a vote.

It is inevitable that a Southend party born to serve Southend people, that believes in freedom of speech and is truly democratic, will become the biggest in the city - whether it takes 10 elections or 20. Everything has a beginning.

We have established ourselves now as a genuine political entity and now it is time to grow. Get in touch at:, and set in motion a path towards practical change for yourself and our fellow Southend citizens.

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