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The Stockvale Group of Companies recognises its place in the community, and donates and help to raises hundreds of thousands of pounds a year for charities in the area. 


One of my hats in the Company is 'Charity Champion', in which I head up our Fundraising Partnership Projects and Volunteering Committee. 


The Partnership has helped organisations across Essex with their fundraising aspirations.  For instance, Greenways were able to raise enough to acquire a mini-bus!  


The vision for the Volunteering Committee is to have all of our team volunteer for local charities. We achieve this by encouraging and connecting them to organisations in the town. 


Last year we participated in 'The Big Sleep', which was run by HARP to help people empathise more with street sleepers, as well as raising much needed funds. 


We have volenteered at Southend Hospital during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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