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Dear Chalkwell Residents,


Please allow me to introduce myself to you!


Tris Bee here, 


I'm a lifelong resident of the city and have held many employment roles including the homeless sectors and licensed retail trades management.


I have volunteered with young persons and also substance users too, such as those fighting alcohol addiction.

These were very rewarding and I hope to do more in the future.


I don't mind sharing with you I live with disability first hand in the form of epilepsy. A benefit is that I can empathise with disabled people and hope to see their voice in the City is heard in order that disability can be turned into ability.


Moving forward, Chalkwell has beautiful beaches and an amazing park, which are the jewels in the crown of the ward.  They are simply beautiful, and I do sincerely, from the heart, thank all the volunteers picking litter at the park and the beach care groups tidying litter and fighting plastic pollution.  I am a fanatic campaigning against sewage spilling into our beaches.  All these environmental issues are very dear to my heart.


In the main Chalkwell is an amazing place to live, but that's not to say the ward is not without its issues and this is where you come in, please. I am here to listen, act and aim to deliver what you want to see in your ward. I am not in this race for power, glory or status, I'm simply in it as I believe anywhere can be an amazing place to live, work, bring up a family, or simply feel proud of. 


I will never lose sight of the fact you would be my boss, and I would never seek to dictate to you - you speak - I listen.


Please feel free to email me at to discuss any issues, ideas, or simply have your vice heard about Chalkwell.


Thank you for your consideration.


At your service.


Tris Bee.


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