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Thorpe Ward Can be Won!

Local elections will take place in 2021.


Very few people are aware of this, and even fewer actually care!  Did you know the turnout for the 2019 local elections was around 30%?  Given that there are only around 7,000 people eligible to vote that is too small to truly represent the views of the Wards and Southend.  The campaign for Thorpe will be largely face-to-face, knocking on doors, finding out what the main issues are and what is really going on.  The hope is to inspire people to register and then to pencil their cross next to Labour! 


The campaign for Thorpe Ward has already begun with myself and the fellowship knocking on doors and getting to know residents.  The consensus so far is that most people want excellent public services e.g. small class sizes in schools, smaller waiting times for quality diagnoses and treatment in our health service, and good protection from our police, but the feeling has often been that there is nothing that can be done.  The line "how are we going to pay for it"? de-rails all of our instincts to push for what we all want. 


Business creates jobs that create tax.  A good Government therefore must create the most fertile business environment, whilst ensuring business treats the workers with the upmost support, dignity, and well-being.  The growth that would inevitably follow would lead to an increase in public funds that can pay for what we all want.  Sounds so simple, why hasn't anyone thought of this before?!  They have, and that is one of the many reasons I am Labour.

If you believe the same then join me in the campaign for Thorpe.  I will usually be out knocking on doors every Tuesday and Thursday from 11am, and evenings Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6.30pm.  Dates will be confirmed via the Thorpelabour Facebook group or emailed if you have subscribed.

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