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I am a teacher for Essex Community Adult Learning and Southend Adult Learning, and have been a resident of Southend since 2016.

I am looking forward to supporting the people and businesses of Milton Ward, and my first objective as a Councillor is to breathe life back into the high street of Southend City Centre.  As our manifesto states, we need to bring all the stakeholders together and agree a singular vision; work out how to reduce business costs to a level people can afford; encourage an entrepreneurial culture in Southend and connect their ideas to business expertise for guidance; and get the basics right such as safety, cleanliness, and beautiful greenery.

I have many years of experience running a business, designing and project development, management and delivering a wide range of projects across London Borough of Waltham Forest.


My business experience started in 1999 with the company Citizen K: Sound of Gospel and the urban gospel group Citizen K in 1999. Since its conception I had taken the group from obscurity to performing with high profile artists such as The Spice Girls, Beautiful South, Mc Donald, Mel C, Paul Weller and Charlotte Church to name a few.

Since the conception of Red Onion incorporating Citizen k sound of Gospel, many companies approached me to use my vision and skills to enhance their business projects, and so I believe my track record of promoting high quality work will be exceptionally valuable to Southend City and Milton Ward to support the people and businesses.

I was also delighted to be elected as vice Chair of Apex Arts (The Arts Council of Waltham Forest) from 2005-2009 and a committee member of the Walthamstow Festival until 2009.

I intend to further plans I have for a social enterprise scheme that takes note of the lack of connection between Southend residents, and in particular children in deprived areas, who have very little understanding of the maritime history of the city.  

My life has been spent giving to others and looking after the needs of Milton residents would be a responsibility I would take very seriously.

There are of course matters involving the infrastructure of the city such as Seaway, Queensway, the Kursaal, Marine Plaza and the Southend United development for which I will do my best to ensure the partners of Southend Council are able to fulfil their obligations.

I joined Confelicity because they share the same enthusiasm and drive I have for improving the lives of others.  They are share the same values as I do such as compassion, empathy, kindness and integrity, and on this it is also important that I, as a Confelicity member and candidate, embody those values as I carry out my duties.

I look forward to working for you, the residents of Milton Ward and our new city of Southend.

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