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I had joined Confelicity and decided to put myself forward as a candidate standing in Chalkwell after my partner, a fellow Confelicity candidate running in Milton, had started attending meetings for a Southend party intending to be a voice for Southend.  I bought into what the party is trying to achieve and am excited now to be part of it.  And so entering politics was not planned, but the idea of representing local people for a local party is something that I am looking forward to contributing positively to.

I am a father of three children and hope I can help in create an environment which they can fulfil their potential alongside our next generation.

My work background is as a 'hands on' Security Systems Engineer with over 22 years' experience overseeing projects for high-profile clients such as Canary Wharf Group, Morgan Stanley, Total Refineries and Avon and Somerset, Police, Ministry of Défense, Met Police, BBC, Natural History Museum, Magnox Power Station and British Aero Space.  Through my work I have extensive knowledge of Health & Safety, people management, and operations. 


Over the years I have taken the leadership role and understand what is needed to manage individuals differently to get the best out of them. 


The most important element in any leadership is trust.  I have built this reputation professionally and I look forward to bringing this onto the Council.  


I am running in Southchurch ward, which appears quite diverse considering it includes much of Thorpe bay and Southchurch Village.  However, this doesn’t mean it is fundamentally different.  We are all looking to live in a safe and clean environment where the little things matter, for example, ensuring we retain weekly bin collections. 


It would be an honour to represent them under the banner of Confelicity, which exists to ensure Southend people have a political voice that can challenge every questionable decision, support every positive decision, and put forward a vision that is reflective of what Southend people want.


Kevin Waller

Chalkwell Confelicity Candidate

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